Highland Summer Camps

All current Highland Summer Camp programs are listed below, sorted by camper age. If you'd prefer to view the camps by date, a full 2023 summer camp schedule follows the camp listings. You'll also find information about this year's summer theme, and any other updates about the coming summer.

Day Camp, for ages 5-12

July 24-28, 2023 (5 days)

Daily Drop-off: 8-9am; Daily Pick-up: 5pm

First child $225, siblings $175

Lookout Camp, for ages 7-10

July 30-August 1, 2023 (2 nights and 3 days)

Check-in: 4pm Sunday; Departure: 4pm Tuesday

First child $235, siblings $185

Ascent Camp, for ages 8-10

July 2-7, 2023 (5 nights and 5 full days)

Check-in: 4pm Sunday; Departure: 4pm Friday

First child $430, siblings $380

Ridgeline Camps, for ages 10-12

1st Ridge: June 18-23, 2023 (5 nights and 5 full days) 2nd Ridge: July 9-14, 2023 (5 nights and 5 full days)

Check-in: 4pm Sunday; Check-in: 4pm Sunday

First child $430, siblings $380

Summit Camp, for ages 12-14

July 16-21, 2023 (5 nights and 5 full days)

Check-in: 4pm Sunday; Departure: 4pm Friday

First child $445, siblings $395

Peak Camp, for ages 13-16

June 25-30, 2023 (5 nights and 5 full days)

Check-in: 4pm Sunday; Departure: 4pm Friday

First child $455, siblings $405

Edge Camps, for ages 13-16

1st Edge (ages 13-15) June 25-30, 2023 (5 nights and 5 full days) 2nd Edge (ages 14-16) July 9-14, 2023 (5 nights and 5 full days)

Check-in: 4pm Sunday; Departure: 4pm Friday

1st Edge: First child $455, siblings $405 --- 2nd Edge: First child $525, siblings $475

Highland Summer Camps physical location:

Lower Highland Drive, Bergton, VA 22811

Mailing address:

Highland Summer Camps, 14783 Upper Highland Drive, Bergton, VA 22811

To reach the Youth Office by phone or fax dial:


Highland Summer Camp sessions:

1st Ridge10-12June 18-23, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/ridgeline
The Peak13-16June 25-30, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/peak
1st Edge13-15June 25-30, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/edge
The Ascent 8-10July 2-7, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/ascent
2nd Ridge10-12July 9-14, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/ridgeline
2nd Edge14-16July 9-14, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/edge
The Summit12-14July 16-21, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/summit
Day Camp5-12July 24-28, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/day-camp
The Lookout7-10July 30-Aug 1, 2023https://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/youth-camps/lookout
Leaders in Trainingthose who have completed 10th or 11th gradeJune 18-23, 2023 (orientation) PLUS service week(s) during Ascent, 2nd Ridge, Day Camp, and/or Lookouthttps://highlandretreat.org/summer-camp/leaders-in-training

2023 Summer Theme: Let Your Light Shine!

This year's camps will have Matthew 5:16 as a theme verse: "In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."


What will camp be like in 2023?

Highland Summer Camps will comply with any relevant guidelines from the Virginia Department of Health during the 2023 camp season. We aren't likely to know what those guidelines will actually be until April or May, but we can guess that requirements are likely to be similar to, or more relaxed than, 2022 requirements (summarized below).

In 2022, pre-camp health screenings were required, with three options to choose from:

  1. Show proof of a negative at-home COVID test 24-72 hours prior to camp and complete the tracking chart for each day after the negative COVID test.
  2. Show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and complete the tracking chart for the 7 days prior to camp.
  3. Complete the tracking chart for the 14 days prior to camp.

In 2022, face masks were optional for campers since the vast majority of the Highland Summer Camp experience is outdoors. Campers may have been asked to wear a mask in certain situations, such as if they started displaying COVID-type symptoms.

In 2022, family members were strongly encouraged to wear a face mask when dropping off or picking up their camper to help avoid introducing extra germs to the summer campers and staff.

Questions about what to pack, arrival and departure procedures, or general healthcare at camp?

Please consult the Parent Information page for additional helpful info!

Some details about activities

Assigned Skill Groups – Includes planned activities like nature studies, the climbing tower, and other challenge course activities.

Elective Skill Group – Cabin groups (younger campers) or individuals (older campers) will select from various planned activities related to the arts (like crafts, dance, or drama), outdoor living (like slingshots, firebuilding, or funyaks), or sports (like street hockey, kickball, or disc golf).

Cabin Action – Cabin groups will choose a simple activity like playing gaga, making friendship bracelets, or playing in the stream.

Evening Rec – Each evening, the whole camp will assemble for various games on the rec field.

Swimming – Campers will have swim time each day, weather permitting.

Jumpstart and Fireside – Worship services are all-camp activities, and they will include singing and Bible-based teaching. The “Adventures with God” Bible study topic will be introduced during morning Jumpstart services, and during the evening services, the Fireside speaker will present a message.

Meals – Most meals will be served on the kitchen deck, with food prepared and served by our kitchen staff. Campers will sit with their cabin group during these meals.

Campfire Breakfasts – Breakfasts will often be prepared over the campfire at your cabin. Counselors will supervise the food preparation.

Arrival/Check-In and DepartureView information about times and procedures