Family Activities

Highland Retreat offers a variety of outdoor activities for our guests to enjoy. In general, these activities are free for overnight guests. Anyone interested in enjoying Highland activities but not staying overnight should contact the office in advance; you may be asked to pay a day use fee. This list highlights the activities that are most suitable for groups of less than 10 people; our Activities for Groups page has some additional items that are more likely to suit a larger group of people.

Challenge Course

Highland offers an extensive challenge course program complete with low and high elements including a zip line and climbing tower. Unlike other Highland activities, the challenge course carries an additional fee and must be scheduled ahead of time to ensure instructor availability. Visit our challenge course page to learn more.


We are happy to share our Highland Cornhole boards with guests. If your gathering space doesn’t already have a set or two available, stop by the office and pick up a set for use while you’re here.

Disc Golf Course

Highland’s disc golf course has 9 holes in a loop that starts and ends near the top of the paved Upper Highland Drive, where the road splits into several gravel lanes. The course passes through woods and fields as it circles Mountain View Retreat Center. Stop by the office to borrow some discs if you don’t have your own.

Gaga Ball

An octagonal gaga pit is located near Sassafras Pavilion. Gaga is basically a gentler version of dodgeball: Everyone starts in the pit and anyone can hit the ball (keeping it low so it stays in the pit); if you hit the ball out of the pit or are touched by the ball below the knee, you’re out. Last one in wins.

Human Foosball Court

Human foosball is a great game for groups, and its location just past the pool makes it an ideal activity to enjoy in conjunction with swim times. Station your teams (4 to 10 players per side) along the 8 fixed pipes and enjoy a fast-paced soccer game within the walls of the court. For an extra challenge, blindfold the players and assign one caller per pole; callers stand outside the court and give directions to the players on their particular pole.

Off-site Activities

There are countless recreation options within an hour and a half of Highland Retreat, including West Virginia, Blue Ridge, and Shenandoah Valley attractions. Learn more about nearby attractions here.


We have four playgrounds on the Highland grounds, including two at the Upper Highland Campground, one near Mountain View Retreat Center, and one behind the Tabernacle pavilion. An additional swing set and bouldering wall is located near Sassafras Pavilion, by the gaga court.


A well maintained pool is located on the lower grounds. The pool includes a large 3′-5′ section, a diving area, and a baby pool. Highland Retreat’s pool is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. For more information, including regular hours and rates, visit our pool page.

Recreation Courts

Basketball and tennis courts are located outside of Mountain View Retreat Center. Another basketball court is next to the pool. A sand volleyball court is behind the pool, and another volleyball net is located next to the Tabernacle pavilion.

Trails and Hiking

Highland has an on-site trail system with over four miles of hiking, including the 2.5-mile perimeter loop trail. The field and forest trail is 1.5 miles and offers more gradual hiking with several possible spurs to shorten the hike. The pond, tree house, and Tabernacle Ridge are all fun destinations.