Employment Forms and Paperwork

Before you apply

Applications for employment are to be completed online.

During the hiring process

Applicants who receive an Intent to Hire letter will also be given an additional form to complete before we run a background check. This is a necessary step in order to finalize the hiring process, so this form should be completed, signed, and returned as soon as possible after you receive it.

  • If you are 18 or older, the additional form will be sent to you automatically and can be filled out online.
  • If you are under 18, you may download the Background Check Approval Form. The completed form must include a parent/guardian signature, so it can't be filled out online.

After you’re hired

Important information, dates, and tasks to complete will be on the Training Materials page (the password will be provided to hired staff). Make sure you take a look!

Additionally, the forms below will be collected at the start of PreCamp Training. It is recommended that you at least look through them in advance to ensure you will have all the necessary information to complete them during training.

  • Health Information Form – So that our camp nurses can easily access this information, this form should be completed online. You'll complete the same form that is used for campers, so some of the wording will sound a bit odd when you're filling it out with your own health information; just do the best you can! Here's how to access it: 1) Using the same username and password from when you completed your staff application, log in to the CAMPER registration portal. 2) Click the "Update Info" button on the home screen. 3) Hit the "Forms" button. 4) Open the Health Information Form. If you have trouble accessing the form, please contact Dean (programdir@highlandretreat.org) for assistance.
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form – This cannot be completed ahead of time, but does require you to present specific types of identification when you fill it out in person. Please consult the list of acceptable documents, and make sure you bring along the appropriate items.
  • W-4 and VA-4 tax forms – Many summer employees are exempt from income tax withholding, but everyone needs to complete these forms. These instructions will help you decide if you are exempt from state or federal withholding and walk you through filling out the forms. Note that only the first page of each document needs to be printed and turned in. If you need more help with the tax forms, contact Rachel (bookkeeper@highlandretreat.org) for assistance.
  • Bless the Staff program - Participation is optional, but if you would like to add $150 to your weekly salary, details and printable letters can be found on the Financial Information page.