Apply for a Summer Job

Apply for a Summer Job

Applications for 2024 summer jobs now being accepted.

Ready to join Highland's summer ministry team?

Please make sure you are familiar with Highland's mission, vision, and values to make sure you can affirm and support what we do! If you're not familiar with the roles we need filled each summer, take a moment to check out this list of jobs and job descriptions.

We're looking for people who:
  • Have a personal commitment to and relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Are committed to demonstrating their dedication to Jesus Christ in word and deed
  • Possess the maturity to positively relate to and cooperate with others in the camp community
  • Are available to attend Pre-Camp Training (usually beginning late May for leadership staff, early June for counseling staff, mid-June for all others) OR complete the required training sessions earlier or later as needed, by prior arrangement
  • Can commit to serving during the summer camp season, whether that means serving a full season (missing no more than 1 week of camp), a partial season (serving for approximately half the camp weeks), or even filling in gaps as a substitute for a week or two -- the key is clearly communicating availability during the hiring process
  • Are open to learning and upholding all camp policies and guidelines
  • Possess the integrity to faithfully fulfill the commitment of service agreed upon in a positive manner
  • Are flexible enough to assist with other responsibilities
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that is above reproach (must pass a criminal history and sex offender background check, refrain from using tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, or vulgar language, and so on)

Steps in the Application and Hiring Process

  1. Submit a short online application to let us know of your interest in serving. Click the button below to log in, verify your basic contact information, and complete the short "Part 1" form.
  2. Have a short (10-15 minute) phone conversation with the summer camp director. He will contact you within 1-3 business days after you submit the short form; if you haven't heard from Highland after a week, please contact the youth office to verify that we received your application.
  3. Complete a more detailed application (if required) that includes references, employment history, and questions pertaining to the role(s) which you are interested in serving. Some applicants, such as returning staff, may not be required to submit a second application; this will be determined during the phone conversation. Those who are given a "Part 2" application can log in again using the button below to complete that form. You can work on your application in multiple sessions, but once you hit submit, you will not be able to retrieve your application or update information; make sure to complete all sections before submitting.
  4. Participate in an interview. Once your "Part 2" application has been completed and submitted, the summer camp director will schedule an interview with you. Interviews may be in person, on Zoom, or by telephone. Some applicants, such as staff returning to the same role as the previous year, may not need to be interviewed.
  5. Receive a decision. The summer camp director will decide whether to offer you the position you applied for. You will be informed of that decision either at the interview or a few days later. If you accept a position that is offered to you, you will then be informed of any further tasks you may need to complete before Pre-Camp Training.