Volunteers to the Rescue! – Spring 2023

Highland staff were overwhelmed by the amount of work on our plates this spring. First were the projects that we had planned: new electric in the Upper Campground, building a family bathroom at the pool house, Willowbrook bathhouse footer replacements. Second was all the preparation that needs to happen each spring: mowing, un-winterizing, pool opening, spring cleaning. And then came all the projects that were entirely unplanned!

  • Underground electric failure to the main well pump
  • A water line break in the lower campground area
  • Major plumbing leaks in the pool pump room
  • A water line break in the main supply line to our water towers

These unplanned issues took weeks of labor and cost more than $15,000! Highland staff were giving as much time and resources as we could, but it wasn’t enough. Then help came.

In late April and May, volunteers, many of whom were professionals, began showing up:

  • A friend group from Grace Mennonite Church (Lacey Springs) helped us landscape the lower grounds, build a laundry pedestal, and fill in where we excavated after the lower camp water leak.
  • Professionals and laborers from First Russian Baptist Church (Mt Crawford) wired the new family bathroom and set electric pedestals in the Upper Campground.
  • Members of Bethesda Mennonite Church (Broadway) were experienced in setting up large tents and jumped right in to help erect the giant Celebration tent while on their church campout weekend!
  • Two contractors saw a need and replaced half of the rotted foundation piers on Willowbrook bathhouse.
  • One local farmer brought his sky lift to help us trim back dead limbs and low branches in the Upper Campground and along the road.

Each person gave just a few hours, but together it added up to almost 3 weeks of labor, often utilizing professional skills and equipment. These small groups of skilled volunteers made a significant contribution to Highland at just the right time this spring.