Camp Photos (Waldo)

Camp photos will be posted on a free web gallery hosted by Waldo Photos. To view all the pictures from camp, simply click the button above and enter the join code (included in pre-camp emails).
If you'd prefer to view photos of your camper specifically, you may choose to sign up for Waldo's optional facial recognition service. If you sign up for this service before camp starts or while it is in session, you will get text notifications with pictures of your camper as soon as we upload the pictures to the gallery. You may also sign up after camp is over, and let Waldo sort through all the photos to find ones that include your camper. Waldo does charge a small fee for this service ($9.99 for week-long overnight camps, $4.99 for Day Camp, $3.99 for The Lookout).

Waldo FAQs

  1. Who’s Waldo?
    A photo-finding phenom who uses facial recognition to find all your camper’s photos in the camp album and then delivers them to your phone via the Waldo app, with notifications for new photos.
  2. How does Waldo work?
    You submit a photo of your camper’s face and enroll in the service. Waldo does the rest: matching that photo to all the pictures in our camp album and sending all YOUR camper’s photos to your phone via the Waldo app.
  3. Where do I log in?
    To view camp photos, visit the web gallery (yellow button at top of page). If you choose to sign up for the optional facial recognition service, you can then view the photos in the Waldo app.
  4. I have used Waldo before, do I need to sign up again?
    We are so glad you chose to use Waldo again to find your photos! Each year, you will need to enroll again, and you will be prompted for a new photo of your camper so the most recent photo will be in place. While in the Waldo app, you will still be able to see all past photos you have received from Waldo.
  5. Will I get to see all the camp photos in addition to the ones of my camper?
    Yes you will. When you download the free Waldo app, you can toggle between “My Photos” and “All Photos”. To see all the camp photos, just click on All Photos and scroll to your heart’s desire.
  6. Can I easily share all the photos with my family?
    Great news for you: The Waldo app allows you to invite up to 5 family members to your camper’s photo stream. That means they can get the same photo alerts and see all your camper’s photos, too.
  7. I’m not signing up for the photo delivery service but I still want to see the camp photos. Possible?
    You betcha. While Waldo loves to find and send you photos, he also provides a free web gallery for you to view the photos online. You can view, download, and share photos from the web gallery (yellow button at top of page).
  8. I signed up for the service but I’m not getting any matches yet. What’s Waldo doing?
    Waldo is stressing. No photos can mean a couple things: 1) There are no photos of your camper yet in the album, or 2) Your submitted selfie is blurry, dark, or unclear and Waldo is having a hard time matching it. Email for quick help or submit another selfie inside the Waldo App.
  9. Will Waldo share my camper’s photo or matched photos with the world?
    No way! Waldo respects your privacy! Your photos will only be accessible by you. (And you have to enter your camp album code and a pin code verification to even access the photos.) It’s up to you whether you want to share your photos with the world.
  10. Can I order prints?
    Yep! You can order prints from the Waldo app or the web gallery.
  11. What if I need more help?
    Waldo’s here for you. You can also email any time you have a question!