Discounts and Scholarships

It is our desire to make camp affordable. Several discounts are available for Highland Summer Camps that reflect our partnership with families and the church. We recognize that families may still need additional resources in order for their children to attend camp, and the scholarship program meets that need.

We also offer incentives for everyone who registers early or invites a friend to come to camp for the first time.

Sibling Discount

$50 off all camps for siblings after the first child registers! Example: First child's tuition is $430; each additional child's tuition is automatically reduced to $380.

Multiple Session Discount

For campers who attend multiple sessions in the same year, we offer a $50 discount on the second session, similar to the sibling discount. This is one that needs to be applied manually by Highland staff; usually the registrar notices campers registered for multiple sessions and adds the discount prior to sending out the confirmation emails, but if we miss you, please mention it to us so we can provide you the discount.

Church Match Program Discounts

Highland Summer Camp partners with all interested churches to offer a discount to campers in their congregations. The churches determine how much they can contribute to the camper fees for children in their congregation, and Highland adds in an additional discount that is 50% of the church's part, up to $50 per camper. Contact the Highland Youth Office to see if your church already participates. If your church doesn't currently participate, you're invited to start a conversation with Highland and your church about joining the program!

Summer Camp Scholarships

Full or partial scholarships

Anyone who wishes to attend camp but feels limited by finances is encouraged to apply for a scholarship. It is our desire that every child who wants to attend camp has the opportunity to do so, regardless of financial circumstances. We are committed to work with parents, churches, and our own scholarship funds to assist. Individuals may request a full scholarship (covering all but the deposit) or a partial scholarship, depending on what that individual family needs. Download a Scholarship Application or contact the Highland Youth Office for more information. Scholarships are available through the regular generosity of Highland donors and through memorial funds in memory of Chad Bowman, Charles & Rhoda Hertzler, Matthew Trissel, Jessica Sager, Catarina Trissel, Everett Suter, and Cindie Williams.

Other Incentives

Our registration incentives give you fun reasons to apply early and refer others to camp.

March 31st Early Bird Incentive - Free t-shirt

Register by March 31st (first deposit is required to confirm registration) and create a win-win with Highland:

  • You receive a free Highland T-shirt and have the best chance of getting your first choice of camps.
  • Highland knows you are coming and can better plan and invest in your summer camp experience.
Refer a Friend Incentive - $25 for camp store

If you are a returning Highland camper, refer a friend! All eligible pairs will receive gift certificates worth $25 at the camp store (one each). To be eligible:

  1. All referrals must be listed on your registration form. (Or contact the office to list a referral later.)
  2. All referred friends must be new campers who have never attended Highland Summer Camps.
  3. The referred friend and the person who referred them may not be siblings.
  4. Both campers must attend in the same summer (but not necessarily the same week).
  5. Both campers must register by June 5th.