Summer Camp Surge – Spring 2024

Several times this winter, we have been overwhelmed by God’s blessings for our summer camp ministry. First was a large anonymous gift that came in specifically for the summer program. We don’t have a way to send a note of appreciation, but we are humbled that people value Christian children’s camp experiences enough to give sacrificially.

Then, just days after opening our summer camp registration, we already had more than 100 campers registered for summer camp. In less than one month, we had doubled that! We have never had such a strong, fast surge of registrations so early in the year, and though we are startled, we also feel very blessed. What an honor to have the trust of so many parents and the enthusiasm of so many campers!

Our reaction to these blessings includes focusing on hiring summer staff. How powerless we would be without staff to carry out the mission to love, guide, feed, supervise, and nurture our campers! Hiring healthy young people who love God and love children is arguably the most important thing we do.

Many children who experience Christ’s love at camp become staff. Many staff who experience the responsibilities of serving at camp become leaders within the Christian church. Referring an older teen or young adult to a position on camp staff is really offering them a tremendous opportunity to grow in their love, character, and leadership. What a great way to share the blessing of summer camp!

Archery note: A portion of the anonymous summer camp gift is being used to start an archery program. That involves site development, training and certifications, and quality archery equipment.