Bless the Staff Program

Highland’s summer camp ministry seeks to nurture the children and youth who come to camp and help them grow in their Christian faith. Summer staff members play a vital role in this mission as they serve and inspire campers each week. You are invited to join in on the Highland Summer Camp mission by blessing our summer staff with additional financial gifts, on top of their regular salaries; your gift can help young people be able commit their talents and energies to the ministry of Christian summer camp.

Learn more about the Bless the Staff Program.

Your tax deductible donation can be made online or by check. All donations for current summer staff members are due by August 1st.

Donate online

When you click the button below to donate online, make sure to mark your gift for the Bless the Staff program and dedicate your gift in honor of the staff member you wish to support, as follows:

Donate by check

If you prefer to donate with a check, make sure you indicate the staff member you are supporting in the memo line. Make checks payable to: Highland Retreat and mail to: Highland Retreat, Attn: Bless the Staff program, 14783 Upper Highland Drive Bergton, VA 22811

About the Bless the Staff program

Why do we have a Bless the Staff program?
Our summer staff members take on the job of being a living example of Christ-like love for a group of active youngsters. This is a challenging, demanding task, but it can also be very rewarding. Summer staff grow in faith, wisdom, and patience; learn valuable skills; and form lasting relationships during their time of service.

To take part in the Highland Summer Camp ministry, staff members give months of their time, often sacrificing the possibility of better-paying summer jobs. Summer staff are paid a modest weekly salary, and the rest of their compensation is given as room and board for the summer; this means their financial earnings are often less than other jobs. For those with current or future college expenses to consider, that can be a financial hardship. In order to bless the dedicated young people who are willing to serve, Highland Retreat has established our Bless the Staff (BTS) program to help make working at camp a possibility through additional financial support.

How does the Bless the Staff program work?
80% of each donation that is designated for a specific staff member will be added to that person’s final paycheck of the summer, up to a maximum of $150 for each week they work. The remaining 20% of each donation, plus any donations in excess of an individual’s maximum, will be used to cover expenses associated with the Bless the Staff program, or to help out another staff member with a special financial need (for example, a staff member traveling an unusually large distance to get to camp, or one who is trying to raise camp support back-to-back with a mission trip).

If you don't know a staff member this year but still want to support our summer staff, simply make a donation to the Bless the Staff program without listing someone's name. We will gladly use your gift to help those staff members who need additional support.

All donations to the Bless the Staff program are tax deductible and will be used to financially support Highland’s summer camp staff. Highland will issue a receipt for your donation, and if you support a specific staff member, they will be given the opportunity to send their own thank you notes at the end of the summer season.

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