Mennonite Sr. High Retreat

March 9-11 2018

Join senior high youth groups from area Mennonite churches for a weekend of worship and fun!

Theme: Embracing Difference, Engaging in Conversation, Honoring God in Each Other

Facilitator: Tyler Goss

The retreat will be held in Red Oak Lodge and Mountain View Retreat Center. Room assignments will keep youth groups together (by gender).

Registration and payment for the retreat is to be done through your church, not on an individual basis. (Fees for individuals may vary based on how much each church plans to subsidize.) Contact your youth leaders for the most accurate information about costs and the registration process.

Packing list

Leaders from each church group are expected to:

  • Email Highland ( to let us know approximately how many we can expect from your church as soon as you know so we can better plan and prepare.


  • Complete the registration form for your group (below) by February 20.
  • Pay for your group ($100 per person covers food, lodging, and activities).
  • Bring enough sponsors so that youth of each gender are well supervised. Feel free to collaborate with other church groups as needed!
  • Collect medical forms from your youth and look after any health needs during the retreat. (Here’s a sample form you can use if your church doesn’t have their own.)
  • Complete Highland’s information and consent form. (Form available soon.)
Group Registration Form

Feel free to print this publicity flyer to distribute to your group.