Challenge Course

Highland’s Challenge Course is a powerful outdoor experience designed to foster self-discovery, confidence, teamwork, communication, and group processing skills. We are confident you will find it a great learning experience – both fun and challenging. Come enjoy a couple of hours on the Challenge Course with your church, school, or business group.

Challenge Course programming is available at all times of the year, though weather may limit which experiences are available. In rain and snow we can move under a roof for reduced cost.

  • Advance reservations are required to participate in any challenge course activity.
  • Per-person rates will vary based on the experience you choose. Contact the office for a quote.
  • Groups must have at least 8 participants.
  • There are minimum age limits for some activities (see descriptions below).

Learn more about the various aspects of the Challenge Course:

A printable Challenge Course Risk and Consent Form is available here.


High Elements (Zipline and Super Swing)

Participants must be at least 11 years old for the high elements.

Rely on ropes, harnesses, and our trained staff as you soar down our 350’ long Zipline, or feel the thrill of swinging on the 35’ high Super Swing. Challenge yourself and support your fellow group members as you take turns flying through the air!

*Due to equipment restrictions, the high elements cannot be used at the same time as the Flying Squirrel.

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Flying Squirrel

Participants must be at least 9 years old for the Flying Squirrel.

Take turns lifting each other up! Everyone is involved as your group forms the pull team that lifts each flyer high into the air.

*Due to equipment restrictions, the Flying Squirrel cannot be used at the same time as the high elements.

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Low Elements

Participants must be at least 9 years old for the low elements.

The low elements are a carefully structured series of initiative events incorporating physical, mental, and social challenges. Activities may include reliance on others or equipment, climbing over obstacles, walking on cables, and more. Each challenge is different, but all require teamwork.

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Ground Initiatives

Participants younger than 9 years old may be allowed to do ground initiatives, with advance approval by our staff.

Team-building challenges don’t necessarily require your feet to leave the ground. Ground initiatives can be done indoors as well as outdoors, and can be more easily tailored to meet the age and ability levels in your group.

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Nature Programs

Programming options for elementary age children are available, though participant age limits may vary based on which activities are chosen.

Popular nature programs include exploring the habitats in and around the stream, learning about animal adaptations, or discovering survival skills like fire-building, orienteering, and building shelters. Other programs are available, too; contact the office to discuss the possibilities.

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