Update: Clinic Property Purchase

Update: Clinic Property Purchase

You may recall that Linford and Becky Gehman, Highland neighbors and friends, offered to finance the sale of the former Green Valley Clinic building to Highland Retreat at a greatly reduced cost. You may also recall that Highland expressed both appreciation and intent to accept their offer.

So what it is happening with the sale of the Clinic building? Though the process is moving forward, it is taking longer than expected.

Because of how the Gehman residence and the former clinic are zoned, the property needs to be subdivided in order for both structures to be used independently. While working on these details, we learned of two facts that would slow the process considerably:

  1. The existing septic was not sufficient to serve both the Gehmans and the Clinic building.
  2. The existing Clinic property entrances do not meet line of sight requirements.

We are pleased to say that both of those issues are being resolved. Our neighbors, Hertzler Farms Inc., are allowing us easement to expand the septic system, and V-DOT has issued us a letter allowing residential use, provided we close one entrance.

Furthermore, a skilled Clinic renovation taskforce is working on best use and design for the building, once purchased. We hope to break ground on septic in early spring, and look forward to closing the sale shortly thereafter.