Two Double Ovens?

Two Double Ovens?

In April, we called on supporters to help us purchase a double convection oven for the summer camp kitchen. The new oven would double our cooking capacity, improving efficiency and expanding menu options. Imagine our surprise when we received provision for not one, but two double convection ovens!

Shortly after the appeal hit mailboxes, we received a call from a friend working in an organization that had recently purchased a new double convection oven and was looking to pass on their used oven to a non-profit. The used oven was very well maintained and Highland accepted it with gratitude.

A few days later, we received another call: a generous family wanted to cover the entire cost of a new double convection oven for the summer kitchen! But what would Highland do with two double convection ovens?

It was clear that we could move ahead with purchase and installation of a new oven for the summer kitchen immediately! The second oven will eventually be needed at Red Oak Lodge. We have long-term plans to upgrade the ovens and burners in the downstairs Red Oak Lodge kitchen. While a hood and burners are still needed, having the convection oven in hand is a great start.

Meanwhile, the results of the summer kitchen appeal have already been a blessing to the summer cooks and campers. The new double oven made a huge difference this year, and campers enjoyed expanded menu options as a result. We anticipate using the remaining funds from the appeal to continue updating and upgrading additional parts of the aged summer kitchen infrastructure, starting with refrigeration. 

In teaching about prayer, Jesus emphasizes that wordiness does not incline God to hear our prayers; rather, he says, “Your Father knows what you need even before you ask him” (Matthew 6:8). God knew what we needed and moved many hearts to meet a long-term need beyond what we were considering at the time. We are grateful for all who were obedient to God’s nudge towards generosity.