Support Highland’s commitment to summer staff

Support Highland’s commitment to summer staff

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August 5, 2022

Friends of Highland,

We have just wrapped up this year’s Summer Camp season, and the summer staff are finishing their post-camp projects. We served close to 400 campers, but this year’s enrollment was limited by the number of qualified staff we were able to hire. Meanwhile, churches and families are still enjoying time together at Highland like they were before the pandemic. In our both our Summer Camp and guest retreats, we have seen relationships being renewed and Christian faith being nurtured. Praise God!

Our staff team is at the heart of summer experiences for both our summer campers and our guests: Christ-centered relational counselors, attentive lifeguards, hardworking housekeeping and kitchen staff, creative leadership staff. They work hard to make these experiences possible, often receiving less than what they might in a ‘regular’ job.

Over the past three years we have diligently increased the wage opportunities for our summer staff. In 2019 we began the Bless the Staff program to give salaried summer staff tools to raise their own funds and increase their weekly wage. Then from 2020 until now we have raised our average summer staff salaries by 25%. We need to keep growing these salaries to continue attracting quality staff in the future!

The strong interest in camp and retreats this spring and summer has helped us restore financial health. But now, in August and September, we still have large payrolls and extensive program and food costs while our camper and guest income is waning. If we can raise more than $24,000 to support our incredible staff team, we believe we will finish this fiscal year well. The first $7,000 was raised towards this goal at our Highland Celebration in May and was recently applied to summer payroll!

Would you consider making a generous donation to Highland Retreat today and help fund our commitment to summer staff? Your generous support will also justify future summer wage increases so that young people can afford to say ‘Yes’ to meaningful summer ministry and Highland can continue to attract them!

Now is the perfect time for you to support our summer staff, Highland, and (indirectly) the families and church groups we serve! Mail your donation directly to Highland or click the button above to donate online. Either way, your gift is tax deductible and will be a show of support for Highland’s summer staff.

Kent Kauffman, Executive Director

P.S. –Some of you have recently given at the Highland Celebration, through the Bless the Staff program, or because you are a regular giver; thank you so much! Some of you are struggling in this economy; we understand! Whether you give now or not, we’re glad you’re a part of the Highland Community.