Summer Volunteers Made a Vital Difference

Summer Volunteers Made a Vital Difference

Volunteers always play a crucial role in keeping Highland functioning, but they are especially valuable in a year like this one where our staff team is small. This year’s summer camp volunteers made it possible for us to serve our campers well.

While most volunteers served for a few days or a week, Dan and Rosella Hernley served during the entire summer camp season – their third consecutive summer at Highland. This type of service is meaningful to them because of their past experiences with summer camps, and they have become a valuable part of our summer team. Together, the Hernleys performed key functions like preparing and leading craft activities and running the camp store. Their talents and good spirits were much appreciated.

Many other volunteers served in the summer kitchen as kitchen assistants. Led by a qualified team of head cooks, these volunteers filled many of the gaps in the summer kitchen schedule. This freed up available staff to provide direct care within cabin groups. More than a dozen volunteers served joyfully in the summer kitchen, and each one truly made a significant impact on Highland Summer Camps.

Having volunteers in the kitchen is not a new idea at Highland. There was a time when the entire kitchen team was made up of volunteers! Now, with the cost of summer employees going up dramatically due to a rising minimum wage and general expectations of higher pay, weeklong kitchen volunteers can again play an important part in keeping camp affordable.

Would you like to spend a week volunteering as a kitchen assistant at Highland Summer Camps? We are often able to provide comfortable, air-conditioned lodging in addition to delicious meals for our summer volunteers. We also occasionally need additional kitchen help for guest groups if you would be interested in volunteering from time to time year-round. Please contact us early about volunteering in the Highland Kitchen, even if you don’t know exactly when you are available, so that we can plan with you in mind!