Some of the Best Adventures are Unplanned

Some of the Best Adventures are Unplanned

What do you do when 4 to 5 inches of rain falls in just a few hours? Move to higher ground! That is exactly what happened on July 11 when the heavens opened up.

Summer leadership staff saw how quickly Capon Run was rising and started transporting campers up the hill, leaving support staff to collect what was needed for the night from the A-frame cabins.

Knowing a group had just vacated Red Oak Lodge, guest group coordinator Ben Tyson recommended that summer camp find shelter there for the night. Kitchen staff began preparing supper in the Red Oak Lodge kitchen, support staff moved camper sleeping bags into the bunk rooms, and the worship team and fireside speaker set up for evening worship in the upper meeting room. Meanwhile, campers settled into the game room and began having a blast!

(Pictured here, Capon Run shortly after the campers were sent uphill.)

After enjoying their surprise overnight stay in the lodge, they cleared out shortly after 7am the next day so the housekeeping staff could get to work by 8am, right on schedule.

The staff will tell you it was a ton of work to move all the campers, food, equipment, and sleeping bags up to Red Oak Lodge in the pouring rain. But, thanks to their positive leadership and the availability of Red Oak Lodge, the campers stayed safe and dry – and had a grand adventure.

On July 23, 2nd Edge campers were on an overnight adventure to Church Rocks, a 4-mile hike from Highland.

(Pictured here and at top of article, the group enjoying the view from Church Rocks.)

With clear skies in the forecast, the tarps that were brought for rain protection all ended up under camper sleeping bags. A surprise downpour that evening caught everyone unaware, soaking sleeping bags and clothing alike.

Because the temperature was dropping and everyone was wet, the decision was made to hike back down immediately – but route-finding at dusk proved more challenging than anticipated. After several attempts, the leaders called out for support. They were given known coordinates from a geocache on the mountain, which then allowed them to use their phones to reorient and find the trail. Highland staff from down below greeted the weary hikers with a warm fire and dry sleeping bags.

The group slept well for the rest of the night, and set off the next day for their (planned!) adventure in West Virginia near Seneca Rocks. Positive leadership and knowledgeable staff again made the vital difference. Adventures come in many forms, but sometimes the best and most memorable are unplanned.