Registrations Rolling In

Registrations Rolling In

Highland Summer Camp registrations are rolling in well ahead of previous years! While there are several waitlists forming, most camp weeks do still have openings. As of April 6, 288 campers have already registered, compared to 237 at the same time last year. Some increase was expected with the addition of The Peak, but 50 additional campers is a delightful surprise!

This early surge is great news for summer camp, but also poses some challenges for Summer Camp Director Dean Williams as he works on hiring staff. Does the surge in registrations reflect a higher overall attendance, or are registrations simply coming in earlier? Furthermore, it’s a balancing act between staffing the weeks that are full to bursting and the weeks that still have plenty of openings for campers. Since our male staff was lean last year, we recently made the decision to hire an additional male counselor for this summer. We want to move carefully to ensure we end up with the ideal number of staff members to serve our campers.

If you are seeking to register, here are some current trends (as of April 13):

  • The Peak (ages 13-15), both Ridgeline camps (ages 10-12), VBS Day Camp (ages 5-12) and the Lookout (ages 7-10) all have open spaces for guys and girls.
  • The Ascent (ages 8-10), the Summit (ages 12-14), and the 1st Edge (ages 13-15) all currently have open spaces for guys and waitlists for girls.
  • The 2nd Edge (ages 14-16) has open spaces for girls and a waitlist for guys.

We are getting excited about the summer camping season ahead of us, and are grateful for the interest and enthusiasm there is for the program!

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