60 Years of Memories

60 Years of Memories

This year, we’re celebrating Highland’s 60th anniversary. As we celebrate, we’d love to hear YOUR memories of times at Highland. As you reflect on your experiences as a camper, staff member, volunteer, or guest at Highland, what sticks out in your mind? Was there an especially meaningful moment? A funny incident? A time you learned or experienced something new? We’d love to hear about it!

Use the contact form below to submit your memories, reflections, or stories about Highland. We’ll print your words on a 4×6 card and add them to the special 60th anniversary album we’re creating. We’d also gladly accept a handwritten note – stop by the main office and ask for a 4×6 card to write on, or feel free to mail us something you wrote at home. The finished album will hold the written memories we collect as well as prints of some historic photos; when it’s complete, it will be displayed in the main office for guests to look through.

Send in your Highland story today! And if you have a friend or family member who has great stories about Highland, make sure they know about this project so they can contribute, too!

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