Help finish Green Valley House

Help finish Green Valley House

We can use semi-skilled volunteers immediately to help complete the renovation of Green Valley House. The most complicated parts of the overall renovation are completed, but there are still many tasks that volunteers can help us with: painting walls and trim; installing flooring, sinks and vanities; and other finishing work. If you enjoy these type of projects and have time, please complete the following form to let us know when you are available and which projects interest you the most.

Green Valley House renovation volunteer sign-up form:

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    Your preferences regarding the best time or best way (eg. email, phone call, text) to contact you

    What is your availability to help with projects at Green Valley House? (required)
    Work will begin around October 11, 2021 and continue until completed. Note any specific dates, days of the week, etc. that you would be able to help.

    Which of the following projects are you interested in helping with at Green Valley House? (required)
    Cleaning up construction dust and debrisInterior painting (especially bathrooms)Laying bathroom flooringSetting bathroom fixtures (toilets, vanities, etc.)Other (please specify below)

    List other projects you are interested in helping with, any specific skills you have that would be useful for these tasks, or anything else that it would be helpful for us to know as we plan for you to come and volunteer.

    Your completed form will go directly to our Facilities Manager, Nate Howman. He will contact you to arrange the details of your volunteer time. Thank you!