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    *Select the date you will be attending Highland Days. You will need to complete and submit a separate form for each day if you plan to attend on multiple Saturdays.

    *Total number of people in your group.

    If you have children in your group (under 18), please indicate their ages here. This helps us plan, especially if you are participating in a volunteer work project.

    Please indicate which of the following Highland Days activities you wish to participate in. Select all that apply. If you request a tour, we will contact you to arrange your appointment.

    If you are having lunch, please specify how many people in your group would like each type of sandwich, so we can prepare the correct amount of food. Adult lunches ($10) include sandwiches served on a large brioche roll. Children's lunches ($6) include smaller sandwiches served on potato bread. All lunches include fruit, chips, cookie, and beverage. Lunch is free for those who participate in a volunteer work project.
    Sandwich option 1: Turkey, bacon, and avocado club
    --> Adult ; Child
    Sandwich option 2: Homemade chicken salad with apples and pecans
    --> Adult ; Child
    Sandwich option 3: Homemade chickpea salad (vegetarian)
    --> Adult ; Child

    Please share any additional information you would like us to know about this reservation (such as a specific time preference for a tour, or special skills related to the volunteer service project) or any questions you may have. If you are eating a meal with us, please let us know about any food allergies or other dietary restrictions within your group. If you would be interested in an overnight stay for this weekend, you may also mention that here and we will contact you with options and rates.

    Highland staff will reply to the email address you provided above as soon as possible to confirm your reservation and follow up on any necessary details. If you have not heard from the office within a few days, please call us at 540-705-0554. Thank you!