Seeking a Food Service Manager

Seeking a Food Service Manager

With a busy summer of food service now behind us, we are looking to fill the important position of Food Service Manager. We are seeking someone with experience in food service who is committed to Highland’s values and possesses the gifts of organization and communication. The part time position offers flexibility to create a schedule that works with other priorities, and includes the possibility of working a significant portion of hours from home.

To apply:

  1. Review the job description
  2. Complete the general Highland staff application
  3. Submit the application and a current resume to Kent Kauffman
Information on hours and wages
Management hours: 12 hours a week will be allotted for the purpose of managing year round food service. An additional 12 hours (24 altogether) will be allotted each week while the summer camp kitchen is operating (an 11-week period from late May to early August). This is a total of 756 management hours each year, at an hourly rate of $13-$14.50/hour, depending on experience. Days and locations are flexible as duties allow.

Additional time: Additional hours as a head cook are available as scheduled during meals for guests or campers. A lower hourly rate ($11-$12/hour, depending on experience) would apply for this additional time.

Questions should be directed to Kent Kauffman at 540-705-0554 or