Family Reservation Form

This reservation form is specifically for our 2021 Family Camp and Family Weekends. Those interested in making a different type of reservation should refer to our normal reservations page. Thank you!

Some lodging facilities will be unavailable on certain weekends. You may want to review the facility availability calendars if you’re hoping for a specific lodging option.

Note: Details on programming options and meal service for each event will be finalized about a month in advance of the event. Participants who have already registered will be notified of these details at that point. All details of your reservation should be finalized at least a week before the event. In some cases, a last-minute addition may be possible, but is not guaranteed.

    *Your Name

    *Mailing Address

    *City, State, Zip

    *Phone Number

    *Email Address

    *Please list the name (first and last) and birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY) of each person in your group, adults as well as children. This is required information for our registration system, and will also help us plan age-appropriate activities for your family.

    *Program(s) you are interested in

    *Lodging facilities you are interested in reserving. Feel free to select multiple options, and we will follow up to confirm what is available. Camping options generally have high availability, while the cottages and Retreat Center rooms have limited availability.

    Please share any additional information you would like us to know about this reservation (such as food allergies) or any questions you may have. If you will be using a transferred credit from a camper's registration, please mention that here.

    PLEASE NOTE: Submitting this form does not guarantee your reservation. Highland staff will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your reservation, explain the rates for your family, and collect the required deposit. If you have not heard from the office in a day or two, please call us at 540-705-0554. Thank you for your time.