A Reason for Rejoicing

A Reason for Rejoicing

Highland has been working hard at not spending money and it is finally paying off!

2015 was a tough year for Highland financially: Our regular income was down $20,000. Beginning in September, we froze all spending that was not necessary for serving our current guests or for moving forward on designated projects like the boy’s bathhouse. By October we had borrowed our full line of credit and dipped deeply into emergency funds.

Highland was in a tight spot!

As the winter progressed, hopeful signs began to emerge: reduced expenses, generous year end giving, increased use in our year round facilities, and strong interest in summer camp. By March the Highland Board was finally able to approve a budget that seemed realistic and reflected the recovery that would need to happen in 2016.

Now it is May and we couldn’t be more pleased with the recovery that is taking place. We made up 100% of the financial ground lost last year. Adding to our joy is a summer camp attendance that may be the highest in 10 years!

An engaged community of donors, staff, guests, and camper families made the recovery possible.

Your generosity facilitates commitments to additional counselors and staff needed to nurture more campers this summer. It provides the flowers, trees, gravel, and mulch which maintain the beauty of the grounds. It justifies the recreation equipment, craft supplies and new program initiatives that help keep summer camp fresh.

It really does make a difference. You are the reason Highland Retreat continues to be a special place with a vibrant mission. Thank you for your care for and involvement within the mission of Highland Retreat!

Consider donating or volunteering your time to support the ministry of Highland. Your gift today will lend health to the ministry of Highland Retreat for the summer and beyond!