2017 Summer Staff Positions Open

2017 Summer Staff Positions Open

Though the calendar and the weather tell us we are as far from summer as can be, this is the time for one of the most important parts of Highland Summer Camp: hiring summer staff.

Dean Williams, Summer Program Director, is excited to once again seek out young adults who have a strong Christian faith, who embrace Highland’s mission and vision, and who are ready to dive into the life-changing experience of being part of our summer staff. He knows that these jobs can be transformational on two levels: not only do the staff members impact the lives of campers, but they themselves often leave changed for the better.

The first few applications have already come in, and the theme of multi-level impact is showing up there, as well. Addison Roeschley, a returning staff applicant, writes:

“The two previous years I have worked at Highland have been the best summers of my life [and] have probably been the best overall parts of my life. [Those years] have defined my future activities and friends. I cannot see this summer without Highland having a part in it. I want to work as a counselor so that I can continue to have those memories and friendships, I can continue to help kids find a relationship with God, and I can continue to ‘give back.’ [. . .] I loved camp as a kid, and [helping] kids to have those strong memories is something that means a lot to me.”*

This is what Highland Summer Camps are all about: passing on the legacy of faith and friendships in God’s creation from one generation of campers to the next. And we invite you to join us! Fill out an application for yourself, or suggest it to someone you know would be a great addition to Highland Summer Camps.

Visit the Employment page for more information about available jobs, or to get started on your application. We’re already looking ahead to a great summer, and we hope you can be a part of it!




*Used with permission. Thanks, Addison!