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Parent Communication

Parent Communicator is a service designed especially for parents, relatives, and friends of campers. It allows you to: send one-way emails to your camper, keep up to date with session activities through our camp newsletter, view photos, and purchase gift items.

Parent Communicator


The answers to many of your questions—including questions about health care, account statements, and what to pack—can be found on our Parent Information Sheet. Additional questions are answered below (click on the question to display the answer).

What are the intended results of the Highland Summer Camp experience?
What is the right age to send a child to camp?
Do you have any suggestions for first-time campers?
What do you do to make camp a safe place?
How do you screen and train your staff?
What is your counselor to camper ratio?
Can my child request a specific cabin mate?
Can I visit or call my child?
What is the food like?
What are the cabins like?
Will my child need spending money?
What if my child needs to leave early?
What if we need to cancel a registration?