Mt. Everett Camping

The Mount Everett Camping area is located in the woods and fields between Mountain View Retreat Center and Red Oak Lodge. The area has 11 separate sites surrounding a pavilion and bathhouse, making it ideal for single family units or small to mid-sized groups of up to 50 people. Because of its proximity to the lodges, groups often combine camping and lodging to better accommodate individual needs.

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Mount Everett Camping Amenities
Mount Everett Policies
Mount Everett Camping Rates, 2017
Mount Everett Camping Rates, 2018


Mount Everett Pavilion 

The Mount Everett Pavilion provides sheltered seating for groups of 10-50 people. Its central location makes it a perfect gathering place for groups camping at Mount Everett, but it can also be rented by day groups. Since Mount Everett is located on the upper grounds, this pavilion is not affected by Highland Summer Camps, and is available for rental through the entire summer.

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Mount Everett Pavilion Amenities
Mount Everett Pavilion Policies
Mount Everett Pavilion Rates, 2017
Mount Everett Pavilion Rates, 2018