Volunteers play a vital role within Highland’s mission to both campers and guests, providing more than 1000 hours annually! They help address seasonal needs such as spring preparations, fall clean up, summer maintenance, and summer camp labor, helping us provide excellent facilities, attractive grounds, and Christian service while remaining affordable.

How can you get involved with Highland Retreat as a volunteer?


Bring a group

Highland staff desire to serve groups who offer their valuable time and talents to support the mission of Highland Retreat.  
2016 vol bring a group

We facilitate work projects for groups and families of various ages and abilities.

For groups who serve at least 6 hours and stay overnight, lodging is greatly reduced and in some cases free.

Common work group assignments include:

  • Spring cleaning of seasonal facilities
  • Processing firewood for summer camp and guest use
  • Participating in current site development projects
  • Painting or staining associated with Highland decks, bridges, and buildings.

Groups, especially families, interested in helping in the spring may be interested in our annual Serve and Play event. Serve and Play is a special service-oriented weekend camp-out, designed to help Highland prepare for summer and offer families an enjoyable Mother’s Day weekend together.

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Join a team

There are several volunteer teams which meet important needs within Highland’s mission. Each team has a leader who coordinates availability, assignments, and schedules.
2016 vol join a team

Mowing Team
Landscaping Team – NEW team forming!
Trails and Trees Team – NEW team forming!
Mailing Team


Sign up to join a volunteer team

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Share a trade

Highland Retreat was founded by the service of professionals who shared a vision for this camp and retreat ministry, and who supplied their skills to bring it to life.  
 2016 vol share a trade

Most projects involving professionals take more resources and coordination than those associated with regular volunteer groups. Volunteer professionals are often eligible to receive a gift in kind letter for tax purposes.

Professionals who can serve at Highland include but are not limited to:

  • Tradespersons: Carpenters, welders, electricians, roofers, plumbers, etc.
  • Other professionals: Photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, etc.
  • Nurses: See ‘Minister to kids at summer camp’.

We invite you to contact Highland and let us know how and when you may be available to serve.

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Serve short or long term

Short and long term volunteers offering their time and talents in an extended way has often been transformational for Highland.  

Due to their ongoing familiarity with Highland and the tasks they are doing, these volunteers have helped us create significant changes or accomplished important projects during their time of service.

While some volunteers may choose to commute, others are welcome to free camping or lodging if available.

Though this is not a complete list, short and long term volunteers can be involved in:

  • Meeting a seasonal role at the Highland main office
  • Assisting with maintenance and grounds
  • Assisting with a special project or enhancement
  • Serving on the Highland Board of Directors.
  • Filling roles within the summer camp program (see ‘Minister to kids at summer camp’)

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Minister to kids at summer camp

Volunteers are a vital part of helping us make a summer camp experience affordable, while also allowing us to expand the camp staff to meet the needs of larger camp populations from week to week.
 2016 vol minister summer camp

Most volunteer roles fall within a week of camp beginning Sunday afternoon and ending Friday. In many cases Highland is able to provide housing and meals at no cost.

Camp Nurses
Kitchen Assistants
Sunday check-in volunteers

Contact the Youth Office to let us know how and when you may be available to serve.

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